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Exo-Politics (Out of Character)

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Pervert With A Muffler
The year is 2063. 10 years ago, World War III broke out. But this was unlike any other world war. It was America against the world. Government researchers began experimenting with human genetics, far worse than in the past, crossing a line man was not meant to cross. They altered DNA and chromosomes in several humans, to make them stronger, more immune to the nuclear attacks. It made them stronger, but not as the government hoped. These humans, which the government refered to as "B-Testers", developed a sensational taste for human flesh, and roamed the city of New York, killing for their meals. Over the years, the B-Testers began to develop self-control, which seemingly made the streets of New York safer, but, in reality, things were worse than they could ever imagine.

A large portion of the Earth has been wiped out by B-Testers, but surving countries (Russia, China, England, and France) are still attacking America.

• You may kill other characters, but only if both players agree.
• You can control up to 5 characters (of your own), but you must choose a primary character.
• First person point of view.
• If you encounter another character, you may only give them small actions. Nothing that determines anything about them or their history in any other way than intended.
• Every post must be in the same colour. For this RP, the colour is white.

Include your character's info in this topic. All OOC posts will go here.

Character Skeleton:
Picture: Optional, a picture of your character. Preferably a drawing, but a real picture is acceptable.
Name: Full name, first, middle (optional), and last.
Alias: Optional, this is if they go by anything other than their given name.
Age: How old your character is.
Species: Human or B-Tester.
Hometown: Where your character is from. Characters can be from anyone in New York, Russia, China, England, or France.
Occupation: What your character does for a living. No job required.
Biography: Optional, if you want to give a background story to your character.

Let the games begin.

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Pervert With A Muffler
Exo-Politics (Out of Character) Anime217
Name: Kilik Banes
Age: 24
Species: B-Tester
Hometown: New York City
Occupation: Was drafted in the war, until he was turned into a B-Tester.
Biography: When Kilik was 16, he was drafted for the war. He fought in Italy. His friends in the army told stories about the A-testers, a race of atomic supermen being created in government labs. Kilik was skeptical. Then, when he was 18, he and 3 other soldiers were shipped back to New York. They were brought to the government lab, to be experimented on. As they walked through the lab, Kilik noticed several obviously deranged people, if they could be called that, tied up, locked up, and angry as hell. A-Testers. Kilik was led into a large white room, where he was given a sedative. When he woke up, he had a strange craving for human flesh. He broke through the straps that held him down, and put his hand on the door knob. "I call them B-Testers." A man said, from the other side of the door. Kilik looked at his own hands, and cried. He was one of them. He was worse. He broke out of the lab, then lived in solitude for 6 years, going out for an occasional "meal".

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Exo-Politics (Out of Character) Scooter

Name: Judge Henry Addams, the Boss.

Alias: Judge.

Age: 64.

Species: Human.

Hometown: New York.

Occupation: The high chief, Chancellor of the decrepit American soil. Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.

Biography: A heavily self important obnoxious old man confined to a wheelchair, this fellow was born and raised in a high society series of flats and penthouses in New York, and his Harvard education was bought and paid for. After proving to be highly successful in every field, he was dubbed both polymath and prodigy. Eventually served time in the Army, before becoming a politician, and finally graduated to his high ranking job. He is wary on the wars today, on his NY meeting.

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Name: Johnson S. Winters
Alias: Smokes
Age: 32
Species: Human
Hometown: Paris, France
Occupation: Soldier
Biography: Johnson's father was a American soldier while his mother was French and stayed at home with him, his father died when he was five, and his mother went when he was twentytwo. He isn't married, and doesn't have any kids. He signed up to the French army nine years ago, wanting to fight for the side that wasn't the cause of his father's death. You see his father was killed by friendly fire, and he's hated most Americans ever since. Full of anger and rage, he wants to fight for his real country.

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