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This forum is dedicated exclusively to Vocaloid -- more specifically, roleplaying them. New members are always welcome!

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Tuna Fiend
Welcome to Vocaloid House!

If you are reading this, you are most likely new to Vocaloid House. This guide, while it doesn't explain all of the site rules, this will help you get started. Smile

First and furmost, Vocaloid House is primarily for people who enjoy roleplaying Vocaloids -- however, they can also just talk to fellow Vocaloid fans. Each member gets one Vocaloid character, or a character they made up, to roleplay. (made up characters will be referred to as UTAUs, whether they are or not.) You can find the character list in the Official Forum Of Officialness. Just tell me who you would like to be, and I'll put your name up. You may roleplay as these characters in any forum (excluding non-Vocaloid roleplay, this is the only roleplay where you can break from your Vocaloid character) as long as you somehow distinguish them from yourself. (I would suggest changing the colour of your font to their colour.)

So just have fun and explore the wonderful world of Vocaloid! If you are having problems, PM Uboa or myself (Monoko), and we will help you ASAP.


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