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Days Gone By ( In Character )

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Warning; In character at all times, take your questions to the out of character topic!

Days Gone By

Created by Jessica

Running through a forest without any trainers is hard, it’s even harder when you’re the prey, when you’re the one that’s being hunted. They might be as slow as a farmers truck, but one bite, and you’re dead. The bite doesn’t turn you into one, it’s just something that makes us turn quicker, it’s hard to explain, defiantly when you got a pack of them chasing after you. No gun, no weapon of any kind on me, it’s been a shit day, I tell you that. The darkness of this forest doesn’t help either, it’s like going through a tunnel with things blocking you from getting to the other end. This day was going to be good, I thought it was going to be good, but when my damn car broke down, and I was miles from anywhere, I knew my day had made a turn to the worse. Everything was okay at first, I made my way along the road, looking for signs or other cars full of fuel that I could use. But then they showed up. I didn’t even see them coming, I turn my back for a minute and there’s a giant house behind me with a yawn full of them, who of course are walking towards me to rip my limbs off.

I start running the other way, which is a giant forest that if you make one wrong turn you might be lost in for days. I don’t even know which state I’m in anymore, let alone town or city. Last time I checked, I was sure the map said I was in New Jersey, but that must have been a week ago, it felt that long ago. After leaving New York, that’s when I checked, that’s the only thing I know about when I checked it, I don’t know the time or date of now or then. It feels crazy really, because our lives use to be so tied into time. You could be late for work, late for picking up the kids at school or just late for going to the near by cinema. Batteries got looted with most of everything else in the shops and malls. Maybe I should of joined them, looted what I needed, found a bunker in a house and live the rest of my life in it, living of tin food. But maybe this was the right thing to do, I might find a safe zone like they said they were going to make when all of this started. I haven’t come across any yet, so I’m not getting my hopes up just yet on them being real.

The tree branches kept on smacking me in the face as I ran, I just hope I don’t get scars or anything like that. I don’t think that would happen, because these feel more like scratch marks given to me by a cat more than a shape dagger of a knife. Sometimes I think about the other people, like were there any in that big house back there, hiding out in there, and that’s why so many of those things were around it. Have they lost any family members, and if they have which ones. How long do they think they can stay alive in there. This place is bad, mostly taken over by the infected. New York was worse than this though. More people, so more people to get infected by this virus. To think I once lived in that big city, started to leave when it got really bad. I still have my girlfriend there, I know now that I should of brought her with me, that it’s too dangerous there to stay, but at the time it felt like the best thing to do, I didn’t know what I would end up bumping into while leaving the city and going into towns.

Last time I used my mobile was to phone my flat, where she’s staying. She told me that she’s been safe but the food has been running low. I didn’t get to tell her that I loved her before the mobile ran out of energy and cut me off. I miss her a lot, and as soon as I found some place safe, I’m going back for her and bringing her there. Hopefully that place is very close and also has cars or trucks that I can use to get back to New York. But now I’m kind of busy trying to escape the dead who are slowly getting closer. And when I think I’ve lost them, another group comes out a different way. I feel sorry for them. They don’t know what they’re doing. They might even be munching on their own family members, and not even know. Some have missing arms and legs, but they still keep going, even if they need to drag themselves. I’ve even seen heads lying around, and turning out to be another one of them. They can still live without a heart and lungs, but they can’t without a brain. That doesn’t make a lot of sense to me.

This brand new world has changed people too, some protect each other like a family, or some change for the bad, and murder and steal of other survivors. And then there’s others who just can’t live in this new world, and kill themselves or don’t fight back when the creatures get to them. I’ve got too much to live for to give up. And I wouldn’t drop down to the level of those scum either. Monster at the corner of my eye, mouth open, left hand reaching for me. I grab it by the arm and throw it over me, slamming it onto the ground, before smashing my foot down onto the creature’s face. It’s brain and blood leaked onto my shoe, I have no time to look or even clean, must continue running. Must escape. I push myself off a tree, trying to catch my breath quickly and get more speed. Daylight coming out from a gap in the trees not to far away, I think I can make it. I slide over a fallen tree and don’t stop running, when I get to the gap, I push through it, pushing past the trees that are very close together and getting to the other side.

I look back through the gap, their arms push through and start trying to claw me. But they are too stupid to get through. I slowly stepped back without looking where I was going, and fell backwards. Grass and mud covered the hill that I fell down, some rocks stuck out of it, ripping my jacket, pants and my arms. I swore as I picked myself up from the muddy ground and looked back up the hill, I could still see the forest and the creatures turning back, giving up. Blood and mud filled my arms and legs, I had some bad cuts that needed to be bandaged up. I took off my backpack and opened it, grabbed the med kit, and took out the bandages and wrapped them round my cuts. I then put everything away and put the backpack back on my back. After that I turned round for the first time, to see where I was. I was hoping it wasn’t going to be another lot of forest, but it sure wasn’t, it was a safe zone. They were real. I didn’t believe it, but they really did make one.

I walked to the large steel gates, guards were everywhere. They did a small test that I wasn’t dead and then opened the gates up and let me in. Two more guards greeted me as I entered. Both looked like they were in their twenties like me. One had a large scar down his left eye and the other one held a gun in one hand. Both looked strong enough to protect themselves if danger ever came to this small town. The city was mostly filled with houses, and shops. People walked the streets like everything was normal, and the electric was still running too, so I was defiantly looking forward to calling my girlfriend again. The only thing I didn’t like was that nearly every street had soldiers carrying guns. I know it’s for the good of the town, but it just didn’t feel safe with them around. One of the two soldiers then asked me my name, I stopped for a moment, thinking how I haven’t heard that question in a while. A long while.

“Scott. Scott Gallery.” I replied giving a friendly smile.

“Welcome to Clifton, Scott.” The soldier said before telling me to follow him.

Clifton is quite a big city, that I was surprised that it hadn't been taken over by the creatures when the infection started. Me and the soldier then stopped at a library, and walked up the stairs that went to the entrance. The soldier opened the glass door and I went through, he followed and closed it behind him. We then continued down a long hallway until we came to a door with a sign above it that read, History. I went in, and the soldier waited outside. Two other soldiers were inside, and a old man with white hair and large glasses was at a table reading a book about Roman History. I slowly stepped closer to him, making the floorboards creek under my feet. He slowly looked up at me, taking his eye away from the book. He then removed his glasses, put them onto the table and got up.

“Welcome,” he said while shaking my hand, “this is the safest place in all of America now. You should be thankful to God that you found it. I‘ll make sure you get a nice new home here, there‘s many to go around, so you won‘t need to worry about being homeless.”

“Thank you, sir. The name’s Scott Gallery.”

“And mine’s Brock Fisher. The mayor of this safe haven that God blessed us with. Bobo, get this boy to his house, it’s getting late, he shouldn’t be out in the cold when it’s late.”

The soldier named Bobo came to me and told me to follow him. He was the strongest out of all the soldiers, they talked about him breaking the creatures heads off with one hand. And being so strong that he doesn’t need to carry a gun with him at all times like most of the other soldiers needed to do. We came to a white house made out of brick, wood and water. It had a yawn with green grass, a garage. And even a back garden with a BBQ that I could roast meat on in the summer. Inside it had three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a kitchen and living room, with a real working TV, but it only had one channel and it was the city’s news channel, about what’s happening and what to look forward too. But my favourite part of the house was the phone next to the couch in the sitting room. I dialled the number of my flat, and hoped she would pick up.

“Scott, is that you?” She asked. Her voice brought a smile to my face.

“Yes, Jess. It’s me. And guess what. I’ve found a safe zone just like the ones they said were going to be around on the news.” I told her with the sound of happiness in my voice.

“Oh my God, they’re real. I thought I lost you last time you phoned and it went dead. And you never picked up the times after that.”

“The mobile ran out of energy, I’m using the phone in my new house here. I swear I’ll come back for you, just give me some more time to get another car and get there.”

“What happened to the last car?”

“It broke down, I don’t know what happened, and it’s too far away from this place and New York to go back for it now.”

“When this is all over, we’ll get another one, anyway. I love you.”

“I love you too, bye.” I said before putting the phone down.

I climbed off the couch, that I nearly fell asleep on and walked up the stairs, and fell to sleep on the bed in the biggest bedroom. As I went to sleep, I dreamt of what happened days back, when I was still in New York. I looked out of the window, traffic jam, people getting out of their cars and running from the dead coming up from behind them. I was on the eighth floor, if I was in trouble, then it was because of the other people living in the block. I closed the curtains, not wanting to watch people getting slaughtered by those things. The door was double locked, it would need at least three of them to knock it down, and luckily we hadn’t had any come by yet. Jessica was still in bed, I didn’t want to wake her, and remind her what kind of world we’re really living in right now. Then knocking at the door, I look through the small glass hole, to see who’s on the other side. Henry. I quickly opened the door letting him in and then quickly shut it again and locked it.

“Henry. What are you doing here, are you okay?” I asked, as I watched him trying to catch his breath.

I knew Henry for a while, met him in a bar, and we got along great. He’s been a cop as long as I knew him. And since the army didn’t have the time to get to New York, most of New York’s best officers have been sent out to the slaughter to get rid of these things. But they’re too many just for the cops to handle, that I think it’s a crazy idea that the mayor came up with. If he wanted to hide out here until everything died down, I wouldn’t stop him. Because he’s one of my best friends.

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2Days Gone By ( In Character ) Empty Henry on Tue Jul 24, 2012 2:05 pm

"I'm here to check on you, heard you got in, Scott! Thank god nothing has happened to you." I said, after coming in.

It hadn't taken long for one of the other officers to tell me he was here, I had put him on a list of people that had vanished, and drawn worry. Being an officer had taken a lot, and it wasn't at times obvious, but for some reason it was now. Scott was a good guy, and he wasn't going to ever turn, or leave this Earth, as long as I had any say in it. This place was a fair size, good, and hospitable looking, I thought, looking behind him. A couch lay farther back in the room, and some other furniture. I then looked at Scott again, and continued talking.

"You're here, you should stay safe. Find something to do to help out around the city, work with the people, you should do something like that, I guess."

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“You need to stay here, Henry.” I told him.

I was worried that if he went back out there I wouldn't see him again. I had packed the kitchen with food, it would last us about a week, hopefully. Enough for Henry to stay with us if he wanted to, which I hoped he would. I didn't want him to be another one of those people outside the window, that I watch get rip to pieces by those things.

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"I have my duties to fulfill, being a cop." I said, after hearing that, "I can't just hide. Other people need help, and that's my job."

I walked around him, and found a chair, and sat down. I looked at my watch. 8:49. Then I looked back at him.

"You'll have to get some kind of job."

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“I know I should be out there doing something to help, but it's dangerous out there. I might step out of that door and never come back. They might even be some right in our hallway out there, I'm just wor-” as I tried to explain to Henry a loud explosion was heard out in the street, I ran to the window and looked outside. Dead bodies burnt and broken lay in the middle of the street, one of the car's also lay on it's side while on flames in the street too.

It must of exploded. Then I saw a man stuck in his car, and couldn't get out. He's hand on his seat belt, trying to get it loose so he could escape. The car was upside down, and at least seven of those things were slowly moving towards it. My eyes opened wide and I looked at Henry like I had a plan, when I didn't and the only thing I wanted was to get that man to safety. I looked back at the street, he's still alive. We still have time to save him. “Come on, we can't just let that man get eaten.” I told Henry, while grabbing my jacket and putting it on while I unlocked the front door.

Me and Henry got out, and I closed the door behind me. The hallway was clear, but a dead man lay between his front door and the hallway, with most of his right arm sticking out the gap between the door and the wall next to it. He didn't look like he would come back, but I ran as fast as I could past him, to make sure that if he did come back he wouldn't grab and bite off a piece of me. I pushed the button for the lift, it was on the ground floor when I pushed it, and now it's getting close to the 8th were we are. As the doors of the lift open, I see that there are four of the creatures inside.

“Shit. Use your gun, Henry.” I screamed as I stepped back in shock.

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Had my sidearm in a holster, a Beretta 92FS, standard issue for us police, so I quickly had out and steadied a grip on the handgun, and began firing at the senseless monsters, aiming for a headshot. Breath in. Breath out. Squeeze the trigger with each breath. The ragged, tangled decaying corpses stumbled towards me, one reaching out fast. I took a single shot, and away went a chunk of his skull.

I took a step back as the others stumbled forwards, and fired into their heads.

"Stay back." I firmly said to Scott.

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They were all dead again, lying on the hallway floor with blood coming out of them. I looked at them, and felt sorry for them, I sure wouldn't want to end up like those things. Watch my life get taken away, and have some kind of virus take over my body and make me kill people and maybe my love ones. It made me feel sick. We then stepped into the lift, and I pushed for the ground floor still hoping that the man in the car was still alive. Hopefully they are still walking towards him at slow speed, slow enough that we'll have enough time to save him.

The doors opened again, the glass doors to the building across the room, creatures blocking our path. They are already making their way to us. Henry takes out his gun again and fires, blasting heads off. I go to the corner of the main hall, far enough away from them as Henry clears the room of them quickly. One left, Henry's out of bullets, it goes for him, he holds the head back, making sure it doesn't take a chunk out of his neck. I grab the chair next to the main desk, and slam it across the creature's head, it falls to the ground, tries to get up again, I hit it again, harder this time, smashing it's head onto the hard floor, and bursting it's head open.

I look back at the glass doors, I see the man, he's still stuck, screaming for his life as they get even more closer to him. I chuck the chair I'm still holding at the glass doors, they smash open, glass all over the floor, I ran towards the doors and jump through the broken gap, and land onto the street outside. They all turn their heads, looking at me, smelling me, they then act like the man in the car isn't there anymore, and come to me. I grab the nearest one and slam it onto the broken glass spike on the front door, sending the glass right through it's head. As I had my back turned, another one goes for me, I turn quickly, duck, roll, and land near to the man who's trapped.

Three of them are left. One goes at me again, I grab it's arm and twist it, breaking the arm and making it useless, then I kick it into a near by wall, and push a car close to it into the wall, smashing the creature's legs off, and making the other half fall onto the hood of the car, where I then opened the hood, and slammed it inside. Two more. One's going for the man in the car, the other is going for me, I only have time to take care of one, so I need to take care of the one that's after the trapped man. I duck again, missing the one who's after me attack, and run to the other one that I push into the flames of the car, which I had forgot until now.

Henry comes out and finishes off the last one by removing it's head with a fireman's axe that he found in the building while I was fighting the others. I grabbed the man trapped in his own car and pulled him out. He's leg was broken, he couldn't even move it, it was that bad. I lifted him up and went back into the building with Henry following from behind. We took the lift up, got out, stepped over the dead bodies that once took over the lift and went back into my flat, where I sat the man on my couch which faced the TV.

“Are you okay, buddy?” I asked him.

“My leg's broken, so no, I'm not fine.” He replied sounding angry.

I didn't reply and just turned on the TV, and sat next to the only space left on the couch. A man was on the news, talking about it being the end of the world, and to get into dooms day bunker and lock yourself up with lots of tin food and wait until things got better. That was my plan about staying here, stay here, go out sometimes to get food, but stay here most of the time. It's safe here. We haven't had any break ins like other people have had in the city. And we haven't got creatures breaking down our door every day like people outside the cities.

“Wait here, Henry. Just until things get better, and then you can go back to the police force.” I told him taking my eyes away from the TV and placing them on him.

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I had holstered the gun, and helped Scott carry the man, trying to keep the leg immobile, then when we in a living room. There was that tv, some guy talking about the end of the world. Then there was the couch, a table, and a board on the table.

After we had lain the man on a couch, I was so nervous and unsure of what I was doing or where we were. He was sweaty, pale, and screaming. I looked around, and walked off down a hall and found a bathroom. They had a glass cabinet and some simple furnishings, toilet, sink, everything in order and clean. I opened the cabinet, and took some items that could be of assistance in there. Some gauze, bandages, a few other things. Then I went back out, Scott was out there, doing something. I walked over to the man, and took the board off the table.

"Scott, alright." I said, to his earlier statement, "But I might have to get this man help."

Then I applied the gauze to the injury, and set the board under his leg. I tied it all up, it'd be a temporary cast.

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“I'm happy you've chosen to stay, Henry. And we'll think of something to help with the leg, if I remember right, there's a drug store just a few blocks away. I make it sound like it's easy to get to, when it's not with those things roaming the streets. Maybe we could use the rooftops to get to it? That might work. I haven't seen any of them up there, and I'm sure we'll find a fire escape near the drug store to get down to it.” I explained, sounding like I had everything planned out.

I looked at Jessica who was still asleep, and went to her. I then started shaking her arm to wake her up. She looked at me and I looked back before kissing her on the head. I smiled, and she did to until she remembered what kind of world we were living in at the moment. She sat up, and dropped her legs over the side of the bed.

“Me and Henry need to go to the drug store to get this man we helped leg fixed. And....” “And you want me to look after him while you two are gone right?” She said finishing my sentence for me like she normaly did.

“Okay. I'm ready to go. What about you, you ready?” I asked Henry as I came out of the bedroom.

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He was coming down the hall, asking a question. I answered.

"I did my best with the leg, already. We should find someone who can do better, or provide him with constant aid." I said, ready, as he asked.

"Alright, we'll go there, and hopefully there'll be other people in there that can help with him."

I walked after him, and then we went upstairs, and found a window in a hall. The fire escape was outside, bare to the wind, behind the window's panes. I unclasped some clamps down at its sides, and hefted open our way out, then I climbed out easily, onto the fire escape.

"Come on." I said, waving to Scott.

Then I began our accent to the roof of the building, on the escape's stairway.

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After walking up two floors of stairs, we were at the top. I could see most of New York up here, buildings on fire, guns blazing, and those creatures walking and killing on the streets. Then I looked around until I saw the drug store sitting at the corner of a building that was just a street away from us. I then went towards the edge of the roof and looked down at the ally way below which I meet be seeing more closer if I miss landing on the other rooftop of the building on the other side. I took a deep breath and then leaped, my arms were swinging in the air, my legs were kicking, trying to make sure that the leap was good enough for me to get there. Then I slammed onto the roof, my legs swung back and forth as they hanged over the building, but they weren't there for long and I gragged myself up. I was safe again.

“Okay. It's your turn now, Henry!” I shouted at him as he got ready to jump onto the roof I was on.

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