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The Goddamned Batman RPG.

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1The Goddamned Batman RPG. Empty The Goddamned Batman RPG. on Sun Jul 22, 2012 4:23 pm

It is Gotham City. And within the city lies terror. Depression. Poverty. Reality.

There is one man who believes he can do something for it.

The fate of Gotham is in his hands, and in the hands of its citizens. In your hands.


Resurrections, no.

Deaths, yes.

Last minute death get outs: Yes, only five.

1. No godmodding other's characters, if you encounter another player's you can only make them do small actions/dialogue, nothing drastic.

2. Killing a character is acceptable if both players agree.

3. Taking control of minor characters (cop, etc) is acceptable. Note they can be killed without input from the person playing them.

4. I expect reasonable writing. I do not expect single sentences. Or nonsense.

PS. I am aiming for something dark and mature here.

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2The Goddamned Batman RPG. Empty Re: The Goddamned Batman RPG. on Sat Jul 28, 2012 1:32 pm


Tuna Fiend
The Goddamned Batman RPG. A6fd900c-24bf-4408-9aca-4883b384a9f0_batman_villain-poison-ivy

I had just arrived in Gotham City.

I walked through the streets, it was quiet out. I was glad. The way over here had been hell, I just wanted to get some sleep, and relax. My entire life had gone to shit. I had been betrayed by the man I love. The thought just kept coming my back, my entire memory of the fateful replayed in my mind, each time more infuriating, and less depressing. I was used to men using me, they always did. Sex, sex, sex, that's all the ever think about. It's never about me, or how I feel. No, it's always them and their silly human need to mate. Disgusting.

"Woot! Hey sexy mama!" I jerked my head, to see faint visions of 6 frat boys. "You know you wanna, baby!" Hmm. How ironic. Here I was, talking about terrible men are, when these nice fellows are here, disproving any stereotypes I had. Yes, I'm sure they plan on hanging out with me, on having me help them study for exams, on taking me to a fucking movie! I was filled with something toxic and vile, and soon, they would be too.

I quickly applied my venomous lipstick and walked over to them, smiling, lips shining red in the moonlight. "Oh yeah, honey, you lookin' for a good time?" Hmm, which to choose? They all looked the same to me. Fat, horny, sexist pigs. I went for the the closest. A Jersey boy with a ten as orange as my hair, and a cross on a chain hanging around his neck. Oi vey... What was the world coming to? I almost gagged as I grabbed him, as seductively as I could when I felt I was going to purge, closed my eyes, and kissed him. I pulled back and spit on the ground. He tasted like cheap weed and applesauce. He fell to the floor, but the others paid no mind. No, I'm afraid the only that concerned them, was me... And my pheremon.

I had kissed all of them, and they all tasted like cheap weed and applesauce. I walked away, wiping their putrid slobber off my lips. Dogs.

6 dead. Good riddance.

I headed to the motel. As the event recalled itself in my mind, I thought about the crazy look I saw in their eyes. They looked like wild dogs, staring at a steak, salivating, ready to take that steak, by any means necessary. I shuddered. Men truly are, dogs.

"Hello ma'am! Are you going to be staying in our motel?" The flickering fluorescent light above the door hurt my eyes. "What?" I turned from the light, making a "zzt" sound everytime a moth landed on it. "I said, are you going to be staying in our motel?" The fat man behind the counter asked. He was a pudgy, red faced man, and I was equally sure he was a dog.

The motel man would have to die.

"Mmm, yes." Again, I tried to be seductive, leaning over the counter and smooshing my breasts together. "Ahh..." The man said, dumbstruck. That's right, I thought, be a good dog. "And how long will you be staying?" He snapped back to the Santa Claus-esque fat man persona. Very well, I thought, if you won't accept your fate easily, your fate will not come easily. I grabbed the knife out of my boot, slightly slicing my leg as I pulled it up. "Woah, woah, wo--" I threw the knife at his chest. He fell to the floor, hunched over, moaning. Just like a dog. I jumped over the counter, removed the knife from his chest, and slit his throat. I got up, grabbed the key to room 52, jumped over the counter again, kissed my knife, and put it back in my boot, slicing more skin. I didn't feel the pain. I walked to the door, turned around, and blew him a kiss.

"W-who... you?" He spat out, with his last dying words. I was amazed by how long the fat man could fight it out. "Poison Ivy." I pushed the door open, and walked out to room 52, the blood on my body shining in the moonlight. Just like my lips.

"I've only ever been in love with a beer bottle and a mirror." --Sid Vicious
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