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Other Kinds O' RPin': Rules & Regulations

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1Other Kinds O' RPin': Rules & Regulations Empty Other Kinds O' RPin': Rules & Regulations on Mon Jul 02, 2012 5:20 pm


Pervert With A Muffler
Non-Vocaloid roleplay.

Listen to the OP - If the original poster makes a rule, it's for a reason. You can ask them to bend the rules a bit, but what they say goes.

No god-moding - You are not Superman. Even if you were, he can't even walk anymore... Or breathe. Point is, nobody is perfect. Even Superman had a weakness: Kryptonite. Find your kryptonite.

Appoint a Master - Though this is not neccesary, it helps to make things more fair (and prevent god-moding) to appoint a Master. The Master is not in the roleplay, but causes and determines the outcome of events.

Stay in character - Make sure you state who your character is, and stay in character throughout the roleplay. Use double parenthysis to indicate OOC text.

All site rules apply. Have fun! x3

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